Happy Hour Hookah Style

First day a success after a long day of traveling. Checked in to Empress Zoe Hotel (a great place of operations), went for a short walk around Sultanahmet with stop for kebab and pide. Took a short rest and then Happy Hour hookah style with Turkish tea/coffee and raki. Light dinner for and bed for… Continue reading Happy Hour Hookah Style

Turkey Bound

At Logan with Spencer G. We are ready for our Turkish Adventure. A quick dip in the Town Pool before hitting international waters/pools!

Father’s Day

Late afternoon solo trip to the Town Pool for the inaugural summer plunge! Cloudy and overcast with lots of hesitation of even weather to go or not but I did–and I am glad I did. The pool may have been colder than jumping in the Boston Harbor yesterday.  It was a good Father’s Day treat. … Continue reading Father’s Day

Budgy Smuggler

Check it out. I got my new suit for the open water season! It may have the look of the vintage Speedo that Mark Spitz wore in the 1976 Olympics but it’s actually a Budgy made in Australia.  A great way to represent the US of A during the Bosphorus Cross-Continental Swim in Istanbul. Hope… Continue reading Budgy Smuggler

We Are The Champions!

Other breaking swimming news.  The Tide reigning State Swim Champs got their state rings this week. They look great–lots of bling! The rings came just in time for the senior boys to wear them tonight at graduation.  It will be a very happy and proud night for all seniors and the Tide mens team. Two… Continue reading We Are The Champions!

Open Water…Dirty Water

Well this week I finally hit the open water!  On June 1st it was the 5th Annual Charles River Swim. I have signed up for it for several times but have always been thwarted by “the dirty water” and the organizers canceling the swim.  This year the water was clean enough to hold the event.… Continue reading Open Water…Dirty Water

Better Late Than Never…

Well…I probably should have started this blog much earlier in the year.  My proper British friend Glen, this weekend suggested that I start a blog about my 50 Pool Project.  While I may be five months late in starting, I guess its better late than never.  For my 50th Birthday,  I want to swim in… Continue reading Better Late Than Never…