#37 Pahk the cah in Havahd Yahd!

Yup-yesterday I finally became a Havahd man by swimming in the Blodgett Pool. 

While I have been there many times for swim meets in particular the MIAA State Championships it was the first time I really swam in the pool. I don’t count the times when I have been thrown in with clothes on for a victory lap as really swimming.
The Blodgett Pool along with the MIT pool is clearly one of the nicest facilities in the state. I like seeing the banners on the walls of all the Ivy League schools and the photos and All-American certificates surrounding the walls. I also really enjoy looking at the huge record board and seeing the names of past swimming greats; Rowdy Gaines, Brian Goodell, Steve Lundquist, Sippy Woodhead and Mary T. Meagher and my high school team mate Susie Habernigg.
My other very fond memories of the pool are of watching the Weston Ride Tide win two back to back titles and seeing Ryan and his teammates atop the medal podium.
This visit to with Cambridge Masters was courtesy of my fast swimming friend Matt. Thanks Matt!
I didn’t get a degree at Havahd but I sure felt smaarht after practice.

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