#38 Politically speaking…

In my opinion, there is a lot wrong with the bipartisian politics and our politicians in Washington DC. When our elected officials can’t find some compromise that averts shutting down the federal government, raising the debt ceiling or agreeing on plan where both parties sacrifice in order to get our fiscal house in order– it’s a problem.

What’s not a problem is the swiimming culture in the DC Metro Area. The area is known for having some big age group and master swim programs. High school junior and Olympic Gold Medalist, Katie Ledecky the recent phenom womens distance swiming is from the local area. When I did my homework to find a pool in DC the were a lot of great choices. I finally settled on the Wilson Aquatic Center in Northwest. It was a fabulous new looking facility attached to the inner city Wilson High School. It is a 50 meter pool clearly built for competition and spectating. In my quest for 50 pools I would say it ranks among the nicest indoor pools I’ve found. High ceilings, spacious, clean and nice locker rooms with security and janitors visibly present.
It was my second swim for the day so I didn’t feel to bad when I only swam 1500m. I also swam like to was second workout for the day. 
While I remain very skeptical about our government really listening to the “American people”  I believe somebody is listening to the local swimming community in the Washington Metro Area and look forward to another visit.

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