A Year In Review 2021

Well…as I sit to write this year end blog I am not totally sure where to start. In many ways this year felt much like 2020 filled with all that grief, angst and tedium of the covid pandemic. In many other ways, there were green shoots of optimism, positivity, accomplishment and feelings of “normal times”.… Continue reading A Year In Review 2021


If the shaka hand gesture is the ultimate Hawaiian symbol for “hang loose” or “right on” I’ll shoot a double shaka for going to back to Maui twice this year! While not a totally unplanned trip back to the Valley Isle this trip was a twice postponed work trip that happened to be rescheduled a… Continue reading Shaka

👑 Catalina Channel 👑

Well…I have a lot of L.A. stories however this story I will remember for a long time to come! In fact, it will be hard not to think about this story every time I fly in and out of LAX as I will be looking down at the Catalina Channel knowing I swam across it… Continue reading 👑 Catalina Channel 👑


Faithful readers (I mean, “hi mom and dad”!), I know things have been a bit quiet on the blog front as of late. With a goal of writing at least one a month I thought I would cut it close to the deadline and squeak one in on the last day of the month. While… Continue reading Grinding


For swimmers that live in cooler climes this is a very exciting time of year. Hope springs eternal for swimming outdoors; in open water and in outdoor pools. Specifically, speaking it is indoor pools with bubbles that go “topless” (See Topless & Outdoors blog from 2016) that excites swimmers in this rite of spring. I… Continue reading Undressing

P.S.~I love you

Recently, my long time friend Dave said that Bend was about have “Winter 2”. Wait, what? It was officially spring! Winter 2 is when you are lulled into a sense of spring and warm weather and you get a cold snap. I’m talking like mid-20’s to low-30’s. It may be big blue skies…yet cold! We… Continue reading P.S.~I love you

A Hui Hou

Winter is fine to a point, and that breaking point is reached sooner and sooner every year. It’s at that time we search for warm water, sunshine, trade wind breezes, tropical drinks and sunsets. That is exactly what we did and headed too Maui for a couple weeks of rest and relaxation. In these times… Continue reading A Hui Hou