#33-Live and Let Dionis

I bounded out of bed early without the alarm going off as today was the day…to swim Dionis, at our friends the G’s house on Nantucket.

The G’s are a special family that we have become friendly with because of our girls Courtney and Lucy.  Apparently, Lucy’s dad,Grant says that all bald people look like “nuts” therefore I have been affectionately (I hope) dubbed  as Bobert Pistachio. 
Little did I know that nine years ago,when we first met, that the pool at their summer stomping grounds in Nantucket would play a role in my 50th celebration.
It was a relaxing and casual swim today in board shorts with family and friends. Never in my life have I swum with an inflatable pretzel and swan. My goggles are off to the G’s, their friendship, good humor and hospitality. I enjoyed them being part of the celebration.
Today was really a day to Live and Let Dionis!
PS-Lucy’s dad is also known as Grantert Cashew.  Think about it…

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