#41 Best of the Ivy’s

There are eight traditional prestigous eastern Ivy League schools in America In this quest for 50 pools I have been fortunate enough to swim in the natatorium of three of them; Penn, Harvard and Brown. 

Through some Google Images home work of my own and very reliable anecdotal conversation I am happy to report that I have been to the best natatorium of the Ivy’s…Brown University!
Yesterday I had the opportunity to go with my friend Tucker to Providence, RI to swim at Brown. As an alum of the school and the university swim team he was able to get us into this great facilty gratis. The athletic complex and pool are only a few years old and it shows. The entry to the complex is like walking into a nice hotel with overstuffed couches, coffee tables, fresh flowers  and chairs. Beyond the lobby is a beautiful brightly lit 50m pool with spacious spectator seating ideal to host a championship meet. Tucker had run a half marathon before so we only got in just over 2000 yards but it was totally worth the drive. In fact, with a sprint 50 free we both clocked respectable times.
I am very partial to my MIT pool but I wouldn’t  mind swimming on a regular basis at Brown University.
While technically not an Ivy League school I am looking forward to one day swimming at Stanford University’s beautiful outdoor pool-a Best Coast Ivy school
Thank you Tucker for making pool #41 possible and being part of the journey.

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