#42 The Big D and my first senior discount…

I’m in Dallas for four nights at an airport hotel for a series of meetings. The view from my room is beautiful-see below.  Fortunately, I’m near a Mexican resturant that I really like Via Real in Los Colinas-already eaten there twice.

I was also able to find a nice pool at the North Lake College Aquatic Center very close to the Four Seasons and Via Real. It was a 50 meter pool under a huge bubble. The pool was very active with a swim team, synchro team, aqua-sizer class and lap swimming. Due to the configuration of the pool it was 27.4 meters long for lap swimming. I had a good swim and was good to get some exercise in a long day sitting through meetings.
My only beef with the experience was that when I went to pay for admission the young lifeguard behind the desk asked how old I was. I said 50 and she said “oh-you can swim for free”. I replied “ok but, I would still like to pay”.  She said, “you are old enough to swim for free-go”. With one last valiant attempt to not let my age get me in free, I said “what would you charge me if I was 35 years old?” Her was reply was, “I’m not telling.”
Finally I gave up and swam for free and got my first senior discount-ugh!

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