Fish Out Of Water

Well…all good things seem to come to an end, at least temporarily. After a fantastic summer of swimming outdoors at the Juniper Park Pool it was time for the annual maintenance and the bubble to go up. Every few years they drain the Olympic pool for extended maintenance and repair. This was the year and… Continue reading Fish Out Of Water

Buon Mare

Allora…Il mare, una volta che ha lanciato il suo incantesimo, ci tiene per sempre nella sua rete di meraviglia~Yves Jacques Cousteau The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever~Yves Jacques Cousteau Don’t worry this blog won’t all be in Italian (perhaps only a few newly learned words) however… Continue reading Buon Mare


Graduations and new beginnings abound… This past two weekends we celebrated Courtney’s graduations from the University of Washington’s and the Foster School of Business with a quick trip to Boston between the weekends. There was a lot that made these weekends special. First, Courtney is a fourth generation grad from the UW; great grandma, both… Continue reading Graduation(s)

Take The Waters

Unbelievably in the second week of April we woke up four mornings in a row with snow on the ground! We needed a plan and fast! That night we started googling frantically for warmer climes. Palm Springs, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara all were very enticing however with two days notice the flights were pretty… Continue reading Take The Waters


Milestone birthdays are celebrated in a variety of fashions. For my 50th birthday, nearly a decade ago, I celebrated mine by swimming in 50 different pools in the year. Much more challenging logistically than I would have thought. Shannon is celebrating her milestone birthday this year—sesenta (aka 60)! She doesn’t really have anything swim related… Continue reading Sesenta

A Year In Review 2021

Well…as I sit to write this year end blog I am not totally sure where to start. In many ways this year felt much like 2020 filled with all that grief, angst and tedium of the covid pandemic. In many other ways, there were green shoots of optimism, positivity, accomplishment and feelings of “normal times”.… Continue reading A Year In Review 2021


If the shaka hand gesture is the ultimate Hawaiian symbol for “hang loose” or “right on” I’ll shoot a double shaka for going to back to Maui twice this year! While not a totally unplanned trip back to the Valley Isle this trip was a twice postponed work trip that happened to be rescheduled a… Continue reading Shaka

👑 Catalina Channel 👑

Well…I have a lot of L.A. stories however this story I will remember for a long time to come! In fact, it will be hard not to think about this story every time I fly in and out of LAX as I will be looking down at the Catalina Channel knowing I swam across it… Continue reading 👑 Catalina Channel 👑