#40 Ordinary

I wish I could come up with a more exciting post about #40 however I am feeling just about as creative as the pool I swam in this morning.  It was the lap pool at the JW Marriott Orlando/Grand Lakes. I am here for the Merrill Lynch AES meeting. The pool is attached to the… Continue reading #40 Ordinary

2013 Boston Sharkfest

Fun day today swimming in the 2nd annual Boston Sharkfest Swim with my friends Rachel and Tucker.  It was a 1500 meter swim from East Boston boat marina to the Moakley Courthouse by Fan Pier.  It was suppose to be a nice warm day but during registration and before the swim it felt like it… Continue reading 2013 Boston Sharkfest

#39 The YMCA Flashback

Flash back circa 1989 to the Vanderbilt YMCA in midtown New York City on 47th between 2nd & 3rd.  It was early morning as I stepped off the red eye from Los Angeles with two suitcases and hopped in a taxi to my new temporary home the Vanderbilt YMCA. At that tender age I was young… Continue reading #39 The YMCA Flashback

#38 Politically speaking…

In my opinion, there is a lot wrong with the bipartisian politics and our politicians in Washington DC. When our elected officials can’t find some compromise that averts shutting down the federal government, raising the debt ceiling or agreeing on plan where both parties sacrifice in order to get our fiscal house in order– it’s… Continue reading #38 Politically speaking…

#33-Live and Let Dionis

I bounded out of bed early without the alarm going off as today was the day…to swim Dionis, at our friends the G’s house on Nantucket. The G’s are a special family that we have become friendly with because of our girls Courtney and Lucy.  Apparently, Lucy’s dad,Grant says that all bald people look like… Continue reading #33-Live and Let Dionis

#32-ACK is back!

Family vacation brings us back to Nantucket for a week. When asked where we should spend the last full week before Ryan goes off to college it was a resounding-Nantucket! Yesterday I swam at the Nantucket Community Pool a short bike ride from our house. While I had my alarm set for 6:30am I was… Continue reading #32-ACK is back!