#62-Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI @ David Straz Tower

With over 60 inches of snow in Boston and the pool at MIT’s Z-Center closed for several days due to snow with more on its way it was time to get out of town to find a pool somewhere. 
Who would have thought I would have to find swimming refuge at a pool in Milwaukee?
little work on usms.org and swimmersguideonline.com I was able to find a pool at Marquette University.
The pool was in the David Straz Tower. It was a clean and surprisingly well lit pool for being in the basement of the facility. I was able to get in 3000 in this four lane short course meters pool.  It wasn’t a particularly vigorous swim but I put in the yards.
What made this pool so special was that it was the first new pool of 2015 and perhaps more importantly I was able to get the hell out of snowy Boston!
Hoping the next business trip to Milwaukee is as exciting.

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