#61-MIT Alumni Pool, Cambridge, MA

With the amount of time I spend at MIT it’s kind of funny that pool #61 is Alumni Pool @ the Wang Fitness Center. 

Just before the holidays they close our beloved Z Center pool for its annual maintenance. Our cabal of morning swimmers then migrate a few blocks east to Alumni Pool to fen for ourselves without a coach and assigned lanes. 
It is an old pool that I would say was built in the 1960’s. The lanes are tight, the walls are flat with no gutter and its dimly lit. As we don’t have reserved lanes we compete for space with all the rec swimmers. Swimming yesterday reminded me of the free for all pool swimming I experienced in Paris this fall. There are however a couple of benefits of swimming at Alumni; first there is indoor parking that keeps us away from the elements and most importantly the locker room showers are awesome with strong water pressure and they are hot.
Looking forward next week to getting back to the Z Center routine (and a long course pool for a few weeks).

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