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Ringing out the old…and anticipating the new

2014 was a great year and most certainly from a swimming point of view.
My USMS FLOG (fitness log) says I swam 403.44 miles which is basically swimming from Boston to New York City and back (plus a little more). Not bad but there is room for more.
2014 found me swimming with my MIT friends, swimming in 10 new pools both domestically and internationally (Madrid, Barecelona, London, Paris). I was fortunate enough to be part of the Weston High School Red Tide state champion swim team again (three-peat). Some great open water swims in the Boston area and in Maui. The highlight was clearly swimming the Swim Across America Relay across the English Channel. It was such a great and memorable experience in all aspects (see blog post 9/25/2015).
While I am looking forward to the 365 clean pages that 2015 has to offer there are a couple swimming related items I have in mind. They will certainly unfold over time but the one I am most excited (nervous) Β for is a probable Manhattan Marathon Island Swim (28.5 miles). There are a few more hoops to jump through but it’s looking good! Lots of wood to chop though.
Happy New Years to everyone!
Here is to Growing Bolder every year!

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