#32-ACK is back!

Family vacation brings us back to Nantucket for a week. When asked where we should spend the last full week before Ryan goes off to college it was a resounding-Nantucket!

Yesterday I swam at the Nantucket Community Pool a short bike ride from our house. While I had my alarm set for 6:30am I was woken much earlier by something much better out the bedroom window-sunrise on the harbor.

I finally made my way to the pool just before 7:00am. The pool is next to Nantucket High School a D2 MIAA swim team. It was my first swim  post Boston Light and I felt a bit stiff. Working out the kinks was good to do. I ended up sharing a lane with a girl that Ryan swam with at Shawmut who will be attending and swimming at Boston College this fall. 
The next pool here in Nantucket is a real treat to be invited to swim in and will be a real delight!

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