Go Jump In A Lake

I feel bad as it has been some time since I have blogged. Not sure if it is Covid malaise or what. I have been swimming though in lakes and pools. It may have been awhile since my last post it but not nearly as long as it took to form the body of water that I recently swam in. I’ve have swum across many types of bodies of water and even across a techtonic plate (Trans-Tectonic Plate Swim). This however was the first time I swum in a body of water formed over 7,700 years ago from the collapse of a volcano.

Yes-it was a caldera swim in Crater Lake! Crater Lake was formed by the collapse of the volcano Mt. Mazama. Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the United States (2,148 feet) and the 7th deepest lake in the world. The water is such a clear deep blue color.

There is only one place in entire National Park to swim and that is in Cleetwood Cove. Sooo…off to the Cleetwood trailhead we went. It’s a steep-ish one mile trail down to the bottom. The trail is really well maintained with long switchbacks so it wasn’t too bad. Going back up would be another story.

At the bottom of the trail there is a cove with a small dock and some rock outcroppings that you can walk around and sit on. We got there early so it wasn’t crowded. I guess in the high season it can get pretty busy. We took off our shoes and went down to the water. It is hard to describe how pretty the different shades of blue of the water.

We took off our shoes and began the process of easing into the water. The water temp was definitely cool but not horrible so it was easy to get in. I swam out a bit into the lake and up and down the shore. I even threw some butterfly in for good measure.

Sometimes in life you need to take a risk and take a plunge! For Shannon and I that plunge was something different for each of us. Shannon is not fond of cool water. Gradually she eased in. At first it was just her feet, then ankles and then all of a sudden she plunged in-what the heck? I was stunned. Her reply, “how could I hike all the way down and not jump in to Crater Lake?”

At the far end of the cove there was a tall rock outcropping and people were climbing up the rocks and jumping in. They looked like they were having fun.

I am not wild about heights-starting blocks at the pool are about my limit. Sometimes you though you just need to suck it up and~go jump in a lake!

I am glad I did it!

Looking forward to more adventures in Oregon.

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