#128.25~955 Pleasant Street

This pool and blogspot is a first. First in that this pool only counts as a 1/4 pool and that I merely plunged in it versus swimming in it. Yet I still think this pool, of sorts is blog-worthy due to the passion of its creators and their sybaritic followers.

The young men of 955 Pleasant Street in Boulder, Colorado built this pool. All of them recent grads of CU that define themselves by living in the moment and pursing happiness. I am not really sure how many people actually live there as is it always seems to be a revolving door of merrymakers and mermaids. I do know for sure one of the tenants is my son, Sean.

What do these young men do during a pandemic to have fun and pass time? You built a pool in your front yard-why not?

Whiling away hot Boulder pandemic summer days with your college friends before everyone starts their “next chapter”-what could be better?

I even understand a cannonball from the roof into the pool is an ideal way to wake up and start the day. I didn’t cannonball however a cold plunge felt great on a 99 degree day.

The fam descended on Boulder to celebrate Sean’s delayed graduation ceremony. While we had a fantastic family Zoom graduation in May with guest speakers ranging from Tim Cook, Pa and Gram, to the sibs and Robert-nothing is better than celebrating in person.  

Highlights of the weekend ranged from walks on Pearl Street, a hike on the outskirts of Rocky Mountain National Park (Park res’s were full due to Covid) to a farewell breakfast at Sean’s favorite restaurant the Village Diner where they all know his name and order-chocolate chip pancakes with a side of bacon and biscuits.

The highlight of the weekend was a family dinner at the legendary Flagstaff House a Boulder tradition of haute cuisine since 1971. The views from the restaurant are expansive and beautiful.

Sean had been talking about having his graduation dinner there since his freshman year~seriously. It was one of the best fine dining experience I have had in years.

I tried to lap swim in a final new Boulder pool this trip. Due to Covid you need to make a res for a lap lane. I was skunked. During Sean’s four years I was lucky enough to swim in five local pools and Boulder Reservoir. Oddly enough I wasn’t able to swim in CU’s competition pool of the Buff leisure pool.

My time of collecting pools in Boulder has certainly drawn to a close as well as Sean’s time at CU as a college co-ed. Time in Boulder has treated us both well, especially Sean. In this special place Sean has found his people, his passion (not just skiing) and most importantly himself.  

We can’t wait to watch the “next chapter” unfold for Sean as  undoubtedly an adventure will surely follow.

Thank you to the young men of 955 Pleasant for making this 1/4 of a pool possible!





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