Social Distancing

Well…a new word has entered our lexicon in the past week~social distancing. It is what you are asked to do to stop the spread of a highly contagious disease.  This contagious disease is called, coronavirus COVID-19.  In a nutshell, the public is being asked not to gather in large groups and a large group is anything over–10 people!!! The broad social ramifications of this are huge however as this is a swimming blog I will stick to the impact on my reader’s  (well…most readers) sport-swimming.

Many of us thought we could skirt this issue as chlorine must surely kill the virus-right?  We also thought that maybe we could listen to the coach share the set from the shallow end and we could distance ourselves from each other and that way we could help prevent the spread.

Sadly, to no avail…

First the email from the Wayland Community Pool saying they were closing for a couple weeks.  One pool down however there was still MIT’s trusty Z-Center, likely the nicest aquatic facility in New England.  On Sunday night the dreaded email came. The Z-Center would be closing until further notice effective Monday at 3:00pm.  Sooo….we had to make Monday morning count. It was a small and fierce group of swimmers. After the workout we kinda lingered for a bit wanting to swim and be with each other longer. It began to feel sad so we got out and said~see you later

By the end of day all local pools had closed. Tough decisions however the right decisions to make.

So what’s next? The running shoes have been dusted off and I’ve started doing some walk/running.  Working my way to just running.  I will be getting to know the mean streets of the Back Bay and the Esplanade a bit better than I was hoping for.

Below are pics from my new joy-walk/running 😉

(Obviously Fenway Park)

(The Esplanade)

(The Mass Ave Bridge)

Difficult and scary times for sure. We can all do our part by practicing social distancing.

Let’s flatten the curve and get back into the water.









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