#127 & #128~We ain’t ever getting older…

It was time for another visit to beautiful Boulder and a new pool.  My musical jam when in Colorado often leads towards songs from John Denver’s greatest hits like; Take Me Home, Country Roads, Sunshine on My Shoulders to of course Rocky Mountain High. 

This time I was into the Chainsmokers song Closer in particular a few lines from the chorus:

From your roommate back in Boulder 

We ain’t ever getting older 

We ain’t ever getting older

We ain’t ever getting older

Was it because I get that ain’t ever getting older feeling when I see the young, bright, hopeful faces of CU students walking the streets or that I have a birthday next week? Likely, the later!

This trip brought me to the North Boulder Recreation Center. Of the nine pools that Boulder Area Master’s trains out of this my this, my fifth pool.  Like the East and South the North Rec center was really nice.

Spacious pool areas with adjoining kiddie pools with high ceilings and a lot of light. It was a short and sweet 3,000 yard workout and I met some nice people. The next trip to Boulder I need to make it count as Sean will be graduating. Sko Buffs!

Back home in Boston with my upcoming birthday still in mind I carried the growing bolder (not older) theme on.  On Thursday, since I wouldn’t be swimming at MIT until after my birthday I thought it appropriate to swim 5,700 yards plus 25 yards for good luck-why not?

This blog is a two-fer as I hit another pool this week, the Boston Sports Institute in Wellesley.  The pool officially opened last fall.  Local town politics, finding the right location and the actual building of the facility it took nearly 8 years to complete this project.

An interesting fact about this pool is that it was the competition pool for the 2012 Olympic Trials in Omaha.  For some odd reason, the BSI chose not to make it a 50 meter pool.  Nonetheless, it is beautiful facility where Charles Rivers Masters trains. Sunday is distance day and I got to see some friends from other local pools.

The last time I saw this pool was 2012 in Omaha with Ryan. We went to the Olympic Trails and had a ball.  Technically, speaking I guess I can now say I swam in the same pool at Micheal Phelps, Ryan Lochte and Conor Dwyer.  Sadly, I didn’t swim as fast as them today~maybe next time!

Again to commemorate my upcoming birthday I swam 5700 yards.  There were three English Channel swimmers in the pool this morning-fun. That doesn’t happen often in many pools across the country.

Two new pools in a week, over 25,000 yards and fun times with my swim buddies~we ain’t ever growing older….life is good!

HBD to me!!!

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