No pool, no problem (ish)

Well…it’s nearly a month since our pools have been closed and that we’ve been practicing social and physical distancing.  It’s been interesting!

Social media hashtags and memes in swimming circles have centered around the phrase no pool, no problem. Coaches have done a good job of encouraging their swimmers to stay fit and importantly connected during this crazy pandemic.  YouTube videos of dry land workouts and live dry land Zoom sessions are helpful.  My favorite video is an ab workout by swim super star Caleb Dressel*.

To keep us connected Coach Jen created a game where you can fill in square on a grid as you complete various activities. This has brought out the competitive spirit with some of my lane mates.

The new morning routine consists of getting up whenever my eyes open around 7:00am (2 hours later than normal). I loll about for a bit before I head out for my walk/run around Boston.

(The Public Garden)

Yes-a walk/run followed by some core exercises.  I started slow as I haven’t run for years.  It was all walk and then I mixed it up with some walking and then running and eventually more running than walking.  At the time of this writing I am back to all walking as I may have pushed it too much too soon. Oops!

What I have enjoyed most about the new routine is the opportunity to explore and see new parts of Boston.  I’ve been able to chronicle many of my walk/runs with maps and pics via Strava.  See below with few highlights.

(The Alchemist @ MIT)

(I even saw Norm from Cheers on one of my runs.)

We are all doing what we need to do with social and physical distancing and it appears to be having some positive effects in flattening the curve.  My hope is that this flattening continues as for some this is no pool, no problem as for me it’s no pool, no problem (ish). It is a bit of a problem. I can’t lie.

From a swimmers point of view this is not ideal, yet we will prevail. #alonetogether


*Will this be me if I do Caleb’s 5 minute core workout every day?









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