Leap Day Celebration

Ahhh…leap day it happens every four years.  It’s a day added to calendar year’s that are divisible by 4-which by my math 2020, certainly is.  As the earth doesn’t orbit the sun exactly every 365 days, leap day is basically a catch up day.

Rare things can happen on leap days. Irish legend says that St. Patrick and St. Brigid agreed that a woman can propose marriage to a man on leap days.* That would be rare.

My rare leap day celebration centered around swimming (duh this is a swimming blog).   A loose goal of mine for my Catalina training is to swim at least one 10,000 yard set each month.  Leap day seemed like a perfectly good excuse to sneak in a 10k.

(note the UW vs USC water bottles. CU bottle coming shortly)

Coach Jen had another creative workout however it netted me only 4700 yards. I had another 5300 to slog through on my own-yet I prevailed. Physically, 10k is tough often times though it’s more of a mental game. Today was one of those days to muster through the mental.  There will be more training days in store like this for me I am sure.

Hopefully, next month affords me such a good excuse to swim long.

Going forward my goal is to swim 10k every leap day~thankfully I don’t have to worry about it until 2024!  I will be 61 and growing bolder.

*The reason was that men took to long to propose





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