The Year In Review 2019

I sit here at Cafe Nero on Newbury Street on New Years Eve in Boston, our new hometown. I am reflecting on my life aquatic this year and beyond. What a year it has been!

My US Masters Swimming FLOG (fitness log) swim goal was 500 miles. I blew it away! I swam 587.44 mies or 1,033,902 yards! For my land based friends this is the equivalent distance of swimming between Boston and New York City over 2.5 times (more on NYC later).  There were 209 sessions in pools, lakes or oceans and 282 hours of total swimming.

There were 12 new pools in 6 states (Washington, Oregon, California, Massachusetts and new states North Carolina and Nevada) and one new and very special country Iceland! The highlight pools of the year were definitely in Iceland and using my authors prerogative I will also include the hot springs. See blog~#119 & #120~Water in all its forms…

(Seljavallalaug pool)

(Sundhollin pool in Reykjavik)

(Secret Lagoon in Fludir)

(The only pool I haven’t been able to sneak a pic of the actual pool)

(Enjoying ourselves at the Blue Lagoon)

Under the heading of competitions it was a very light year as opposed to other years. I only swam in one~the very enjoyable, Doty One Mile swim (see blog~Home Stretch). While there was logic to the lack of races this is an area of improvement for 2020.

There were two aquatic highlights that punctuated the year.  The first was 20 Bridges-a 28.5 miles swim hosted by the New York Open Water organization.  I have thought about this swim for a long time. As a swimmer visiting NYC often how can you not think about what it would be like to see the City from the water.  We had an absolutely blue bird day for a swim! Fortunately, I am strong left side breather so I always had the Manhattan skyline to keep me engaged and preoccupied (well, most of the time~the Harlem River was a slog).  The swim wouldn’t have been possible without the support of my stalwart crew led by, mi esposa Shannon and my good friend Andy.  It is so fun to go to New York for business or pleasure and to think that I swam around that little island~if I can make it there, I can make it anywhere! See blog I want to be a part of it… . Is this a second step to a triple crown?

(Swimming in front of the United Nations Building)

(Andy and Bob approaching the George Washington Bridge)

The second wasn’t so much of an event but more of a feeling and a discovery of a new(ish) community.  Those who swim know that swimming is actually a very social and supportive sport. That new community was the crew at Pam’s Pond aka Lake Cohicuate and that feeling is one of belonging. It was so fun getting to know the group better and their little traditions led by the doyenne of the Pond-Pam.  Very grateful to be part of this group (a big highlight of the year) and to be invited to attend Fire Pit Fridays.  Oh…and I got my first badge. See blog~Social Swimming.

(The Pam’s Pond crew-the doyenne in the middle)

On the non-aquatic front there were a few highlights that I was oddly able to work in some water activity.  The first was a long over due boyz trip to Las Vegas with my college buddies.  I was able to sneak in a new pool at UNLV and then a day at our poolside cabana.  Love being with long time friends! We definitely need to do this more often~#126~Vegas Baby, Vegas

(Sigma Chi’s in Las Vegas)

For Christmas we went a bit out of the box and went to Nosara, Costa Rica. It was fabuloso! Lots of time in the perfectly warm Pacific ocean. Lots of surfing and splashing in the waves. A memorable family horseback trip and fun dinners. Can’t wait until next time…Pura Vida!

(Playa Guiones, Nosara, Costa Rica)

Last but not least was the big family wedding in Portland, Oregon in August.  The newlyweds (Sarah & Wade) and the Griffin family hosted wonderful family weekend. Water was present from a family dip with the cousins in good ole Lake Oswego to the sweat off of everyone’s brow at the post nuptial reception and dance party. Wow-this family can dance!

(Lake Grove Swim Park)

The other big news of 2019 was after 15 years of living in Weston we moved out of the burbs to an apartment in the Back Bay. We have many wonderful and fond memories of living and raising a family in Weston but it was time for a change and to move on and start a new chapter…

(49 Juniper Road, Weston, MA)

(Sean’s tree house with special memories)

I am not sure where the future take us (I have some ideas…) or the new decade for that matter but what I do know is I can’t wait to see what is to come…we are all in for 2020!


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