#126~Vegas Baby, Vegas

Hunter S. Thompson, the author of Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas once said, “a little bit of this town goes a long way.” He couldn’t be more right…

This past weekend I met nine of my college friends in Vegas for the weekend. Before the gang arrived I headed to the campus of University of Nevada Las Vegas, to the Wellness & Recreation Center for a quick swim. There was no way this weekend was going to be centered around health and wellness so I had to get it in, while I had a chance.

The campus is just off the strip and you would have no idea that you were in Las Vegas except for the desert landscape. The Wellness & Rec Center was in a new-ish looking building and I got a day pass for $10.  The natatorium was nice with a spacious deck, large jacuzzi area and floor to ceiling windows which made the pool area very bright.  It was a lazy 2500 yards but just enough exercise before the boys arrived.

It wasn’t a Hangover (like the movie) type weekend but when you get a group of guys together that have know each other for 38 years there were bound to be some epic moments. Here are few highlights…

It started with a trip to Top Golf and me losing two big flips. One for lunch and the other for golf itself.  Not the way to start your your weekend with lady luck.

Our first night out with the full group started with a show called, Absinthe in a big top tent in front of Caesars Palace. It was funny, crude and had some very cool trapeze and dance acts.  Mason accidentally dropped two drinks at $29 a piece on the ground before the show even got started.

Post show we headed to Caesars to gamble. We found a couple of blackjack dealers we really liked and played for a couple of hours. We were up and then down a couple of times over but had just a good time playing with each other.  Still not sure how it happened but, we must have got a little rowdy and…we were kicked out of the casino-classic!

We spend the following day hanging out at a poolside cabana watching football and talking.

Yet again, I lost a flip and had to serve Seto beer in my speedo.

A lot has certainly changed for us all as the years have gone but one thing remains the same~we enjoy spending time with each other. The most fun of all was just hanging out with long and lifetime friends.

We jammed a lot of fun in just a couple days. Much like Hunter S. Thompson’s quote above,  a little bit of time with these guys goes a long way…looking forward to our next time together.


I also need to give a quick nod to pool #125 the Chatham Health & Swim Club. It was just an ok pool. It did trick to get the cobwebs out before a marathon work meeting on the Cape at the Chatham Bars Inn.




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