With no near term swim events on the calendar, selling the house and our pending move from the burbs to the Back Bay my athletic motivation is somewhat waned.

The move has occupied more mind space and motivation than anticipated. Combined with trying to maintain fitness and not going overboard swim training wise has given me the chance to reframe day to day workout success.

To shake up the routine I now have a membership to Orangetheory, the high intensity-high impact, fitness craze. My goal is to go once a week. It’s a jammed packed hour filled with; rowing, the treadmill, weights and core work. It’s pretty intense and I am dripping with sweat post workout. Leaving the Wellesley studio I passed a wall mural that spoke to me-“nothing feels better than a finished workout”.

When faced with the occasional reluctance and motivation to swim in the morning I have centered my attitude towards that post workout feeling.

So with some regularity I continue to bounce between my home pools of MIT and Wayland High School.

Thank you Orangetheory for the a-ha moment!

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