Shaking the winter blues

It’s late February and I am feeling the winter blues. It’s cold, damp and dark. It snowed earlier in the week and now it’s a slushy mess. It’s still dark in the morning going to the pool but not quite as dark driving home from work. The spring equinox is only 24 days away…and I’m in a funk.

How does one shake themselves from this feeling? Easy~you get funk’d!

Yep, I went swim suit shopping at one of my go to online speedo purveyors~Funky Trunks of Melbourne, Australia.

Their new spring/summer line just came out so I had quite a fun selection to choose from. Bold colors and patterns are a hallmark of Funky Trunks. To feel comfortable in their togs one must adhere to their motto~have balls!

A study of the latest designs quickly led me to the Gun Show print. Pineapples, palm fronds, hibiscus flowers and jacked body builders are a perfect way to get out of the winter funk and into the spring/summer vibe.

(the new suit displayed on a bed of snow)

The only question now is when to don this new pair of briefs to show off my weapons of mass destruction!

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