All Mixed Up…

Today, swimming up and down the black line I couldn’t get The Cars hit song All Mixed Up out of my mind.

The end of January 2018 is fast approaching and it feels like things are “all mixed up”.

To start with our New England weather has been really mixed up. We started the year with bomb-cyclone blizzard that dumped 16 inches of snow in 24 hours. The temps fell to bitterly cold levels. In fact, driving to swim practice one morning it was -12 degrees! And then the next week the snow rapidly melts with temps in the low 60’s. That’s mixed up!

From a swimming point of view that same theme was ringing true. One day I would swim well and the next day, I sucked. One practice I was swimming with my regular lane mates with our known paces and the next day we had a few newcomers that totally amped up the intensity and the whole lane dynamics. In fact, that day we had a wide mix of ages in the lane from 54 , to mid 40’s and 30’s to the low 20’s. I wasn’t at my best that day but it was fun to be in a lane with mixed speeds, sexes and ages and to know I could hold my own.

To more clearly illustrate how mixed up things were in January I didn’t use a pull buoy and paddle once. Even more notable I was ending practices with odd distances on the 50 (like 4150 yards vs 4200 yards)-I never do that!

The choice of pool venues was equally mixed up. In one four day stretch I was in four different pools, in three states. It ranged from private university to public university, a community rec center, a high school pool to the ultimate of indoor versus outdoor

(MIT, MA, Day 1)

(Wayland Community Pool, MA,Day 2)

(South Boulder Rec Center, CO, Day 3)

(ASU Student Rec Center, AZ, Day 4)

If January has already started off this way I can’t wait to see what the rest of 2018 holds~bring it!

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