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#86-A Good Start

Three new pools in a month! I haven’t done that since October 2015 where I swam in pools in Oregon, Texas and New York.

January 2017 had me in two new pools in Massachusetts and pool #86 in Phoenix, Arizona. Business took me to Phoenix which always nice in the New England winters for obvious reasons but it’s also good outdoor pool country.

A little research led me to the aquatic center at the Phoenix Country Day School.  It was a beautiful outdoor facility. A 50 meter pool with a lot of deck space and adjacent to that a 25 yard pool. The looming feature of the complex is a massive jumbo-torn that serves as the pace clock-very cool.  It was an early bell as masters practice started at 5:30am.  Practice was good but the best part was the coach, well actually his name–Coach Taco! Kind of an interesting name as he was–Japanese!

It was a perfect way to start the day on a business trip.

Good progress was also made in January with English Channel prep.  I found a great house to stay at in Dover. It’s called Sea Purse and it sits at the base of the white cliffs in St. Margarets Bay. Seemingly ideal accommodations.

January swimming recap:
*94,000 yards/53 miles
*average 23,500 yards a week
*22 pool workouts
*26 hours swimming
*10,000 yard workout (100×100’s)

Onward and upward!

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