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#74 The Swim & Raquet Center-Florida Living

Typically, a quick business trip from Boston to south Florida in February is a great idea. Not necessarily the case on this trip. 
It was cold. I got off the plane mid afternoon and it was overcast and chilly. Not too bad for somebody from Boston but not what I was expecting. Dining al fresco solo I had to sit under a heat lamp to keep warm. When the alarm went off the next morning at 5:00am it was dark, likely cold and I hit the snooze, and I missed the masters workout. I finally got up at 7:00am and found another pool. The closest pool was the Swim & Raquet Center in Boca Raton. It’s a nice eight lane outdoor pool at the local community center. It was so chilly the lifeguards wore stadium coats. I did a very lazy 2,100 yards in honor of Ryan’s 21st birthday. I then went to the jacuzzi to warm down for 15 minutes. 

From Boca Raton I was off to hip South Beach Miami for an evening reception. There was really no time to check out the beach but that was ok as it was still so chilly they brought out the heat lamps for the pool side reception. Went to bed early so I could go the half block to the beach to watch the sunrise. After few minutes of standing in 50 degree temps in my swimsuit I took the plunge. I didn’t swim too far out maybe 15 feet from shore because it was dawn I was in Florida and well…you know what could  be lurking! I only swam about 50 yards . I wish I would have swum more as the water was cool and felt great. Just happy to be in the water and to watch a beautiful sunrise. 


While not a typical short winter escape to Florida it was successful; lunch with an old colleague, my first new pool of the year (#74), a beautiful sunrise and staying at the W Hotel in South Beach with trendy art. 

Back to Boston for historic record cold temps between 0-minus10 degrees this weekend–oh well! 
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