After a great vacation on Nantucket last week I found myself back on island this weekend for the Swim Across America Nantucket swim. With Shannon in Los Angeles and the kids busy it was a perfect opportunity for a spontaneous quick day trip.  The Mass Bay weather forecast for the weekend was bit sketchy with clouds and scattered showers. With some gentle urging of my friends I made the call to go Friday night–and I am sure glad I did.

It was an early bell to make the 6:30am Grey Lady fast ferry. With fog and some torrential down pours along the way it made me think twice about my decision. The quick cruise and short bike ride got me to Jettites by 7:45am. Plenty of time to register, listen to the swim briefing and hear from some local cancer patients before the 8:10 start time (thank goodness I changed into by speedo on the ferry).

It was a bit overcast and grey but that certainly didn’t effect the size of the turn out. People of all ages swimming in the kids swim, the half mile or the mile swim.  The water was warm and quite shallow. While I didn’t walk the mile course it may have been possible do so.  I had a nice leisurely swim trying to keep up with what I think were some kids from the local swim team.
The fundraising for this event goes to providing palliative support and care on island for Nantucket cancer patients. I really enjoyed the post swim ceremony listening to the doctors and cancer patients/survivors speak to the need this program fills on the island. Incredibly,$350,000 was raised by kids and adults alike. There is a real sense of community in this SAA event.  

I swam this event in honor of my mom who had started chemo this week and my good friends the Seifert’s mom who died of ovarian cancer last week. Barb was a strong special lady that was loved by many. I have fond memories of spending time with her and the Seifert family. She will be missed.

Afterwards I went to brunch at the Fog Island Diner with my swimming friends and then to Cisco Brewery.  We stayed there for many hours, laughed, drinked and told stories about past and plans for future swims. The more Cisco product we sampled the more outrageous our future swim plans became. Inspiration then hit! It was time for a swim and we made our way to Steps Beach for an evening dip. 

The swim party clearly wasn’t stopping however I miraculously pulled myself out of the water as I had already missed one ferry and made my way back to Straight Wharf for the 7:30pm boat.
What an awesome day! So happy I was spontaneous.

#saa #saaafterdark #swimmingtofightcancer

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