End of summer…

I hated typing that subject line! While I think we have some beautiful summer type days ahead of us the traditional Labor Day end of summer weekend has come and has almost gone. 

Below are some aquatic type adventures for the tail end of the traditional summer.

This years Salem Swim & Fin was the last weekend of August. My MIT friend Josh and I did the 5k with no wetsuits. The water was a very nice high 60’s to low 70’s. It’s a big three loop course that gets pretty old by the end of the thrid loop. Josh and I both won our age groups. I’m four age groups ahead of him. There is a good chance I was the only person in my non-wetsuit age group. I’m always a winner!

The long Labor Day weekend started with a Saturday morning workout with Wayland Masters and Coach Jen. She always gives such great workouts. This was the last workout before they put the bubble back on. Very sad. Outdoor pools and swimming are the best! I hope to swim more there this fall.
The highlight of the long weekend was an  impromptu Sunday day trip to Provincetown by Shannon and I. We took the first ferry out from Boston’s Long Wharf and the last ferry back with a lot of activity in between. 

Once we got to Ptown we headed by bike to Race Point on the National Seashore for some beach time. After a nice but sometimes hilly bike ride we were pleased to see this long white pristine beach and the blue Atlantic that stretches as far as the eye can see. In fact, the next body of land you hit would be Europe. I  couldn’t wait to take a dip.

Walking down to the beach we were welcomed by the sign below. 
Needless to say, for as crowded as the beach was, not many people were in the water and they certainly didn’t swim far out. I swam maybe 100 yards about 15 feet from shore. Just 10 miles down the beach a male great white  washed up onto to the beach later in the day.  
The rest of the day we enjoyied all the colors of the rainbow Ptown has to offer. A late light lunch at the Red Inn celebrating its 100th year over looking the harbor followed by the traditional Tea Dance at the Boatslip-oh my!

Our evening was capped of by a nice dinner at Jimmy’s Hideaway and a evening stroll  down Commerical Street with homemade ice cream from Spiritus and people watching. A long but very fun day.
The beloved Weston Town Pool was closed for the season so this Labor Day finds me at a beach and body of water a bit less familiar. The Wayland Town Beach is on Lake Cohicuate. While I’ve done a couple of open water swims here with friends and have picked Courtney up numerous times from crew practice it’s has never been a destination beach for me. It’s actually a lovely setting with a good amount of activity and a nice way to wind down a Labor Day weekend.

As summer technically draws to a close I’ve decided that when my next chapter starts I will aspire to an “endless summer” lifestyle. I will wear shorts and flip flops all year long! I will never type that subject line again. Here’s to Endless Summers!!!

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