Dominican Republic Lap Swimming

This past week Shannon and I had a much welcomed respite from the long New England winter and went to the Dominican Republic.  We stayed at a great resort called Casa de Campo on the southeast coast. It’s a huge resort and community with horseback riding, polo, golf, a marina, fine dining and of course beautiful beaches for swimming.
The beaches were beautiful white sand and pale blue water that was just the right temp. It felt so good to read on the beach and then to cool off in the Caribbean.  Serious lap swimming wasn’t the focus of this trip but I did get a couple of medium distance open water swims in.
One of the trips highlights was a day trip to Isla Catalina a short boat ride from the resort. The beach was empty (at least for awhile) the sand even whiter and the water even paler blue. Gorgeous! 

A lane all to myself.

My open water lap pool. 
Most of our time was at the beach we did enjoy some of the resorts other amenities riding around in our golf cart; skeet shooting, watching a polo match and enjoying rum drinks. We were introduced to the stables by some new friends and found a corral of burrows.

A picture with our family.

Our journey was part of a client Div Trip and one of the activities we did was a half day community service project. It was at the Boca de Chavon school. The school was in a poor rural village relatively close to Casa de Campo.  We did a variety things but the bigger projects were building raised vegetable beds and painting a building that was going to be used as a library. The kids were very cute and excited to have us there. This too was a highlight of the trip; helping other less fortunate than us and putting in perspective how very blessed we are.

A picture of the kids, volunteers and the library.

Sadly, after a week it was time to come back to cold, snowy Boston.  Looking forward to the next beach with warm waters and a piña colada!
Oh and looking forward to spring and summer in Boston.


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