Birtdhay Celebration Swims

This week I celebrated with two birthday swims both in excess of 5,000 yards.

My friend, Big Daddy Carmen and I share the same birthdate March 10th. I am however a couple of years older and wiser.

On Tuesday, March 10th BD was traveling so I was solo. I got in a bit early, swam with the morning group and then capped it off swimming a few hundred yards on my own. I can’t remember what the workout was but I swam 5200 yards + 100 for good luck! Keeping with tradition the last 50 was fly.

BD was celebrating his a milestone 50th year so we did the obligatory 50×100’s.  We rallied two lanes of our workout group for this celebration. There were some enthusiastic takers and some not so much. Here is the workout:

10×100 1:40 warm up & drill/swim
10×100 1:30 (4 IM)
5×100 1:25
9×100 1:30 (I pulled)
4×100 1:20
8×100 1:30
3×100 1:15
100 IM
100 warm down (last 25 fly)
5000 +100 for good luck

Looking forward to celebrating a 30 or 40 year olds birthday next.

Important to note that we both still don’t use the ladder to get out of the pool!!!

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