#63 The New Westport YMCA, Westport, CT

Pool #63 brings me back to Westport, CT. The last time I pool swam in Westport was 11/23/2013 (see pool #47 blogpost). After many, many years the newYMCA was opened in the fall of 2014.  The building of a new Y was the subject of much talk when we live in Westport from 2000-2005 and it finally came to pass nearly 10 years after we moved to Boston. The wheels of progress moved very slowly…but it was clearly worth it.  The new facility is beautiful. 
I swam with my good friend Andy and a new swimming buddy of his Chris.  We started at 5:40am, Chris brought the workout and did a quick 2600 yards before we all headed our separate ways.  Kinda just like old times.
View from the spectators gallery. Great viewing for a swim meet.

10 lane pool with a kids pool in the back. Patty still teaches water aerobics in the morning.

On a kind of unrelated swimming note I was in New York City the other day and had to take the water taxi over to Weehawken. Check out all the ice in the Hudson. The tug boat was like blazing the trail cutting the ice for us as we went across.

Am I really, going to swim in it in August???? I hope it warms up fast.

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