#57 Nashville ain’t all just country…Centinnel Sportsplex, Tracy Caulkins Competition Pool

With this years summer sales meeting in Nashville I was expecting a country vibe. Little did I know my trip would have a small Olympic under current. 
Staying at the new Omni downtown a short walk from Broadway and the honky tonks made it very easy for us to enjoy the music nightlife and good ole southern (fattening)cooking. After the opening reception it was clear I needed to swim the next morning work off dinner. With a little research on swimmersguide.com I was able to find the Centinnel Sportsplex in Centinnel Park across from Vanderbilt Univeristy.
The pool opened at 6:00am so I got up around 5:30 and uber’erd the short 15 minute ride to the pool. I was pleasantly surprised to find an Olympic sized 50 meter pool. There was a fair amount of activity on the deck with a good sized masters team. 
I decided to not swim with the team and just to do my own thing as I was going to need to get out early to get back in time to the sales meeting.  At some time during my warm up I flipped over to do back stroke and I saw a huge sign I didn’t notice before welcoming me to the Tracy Caulkins Competition Pool.  

Wow-I wasn’t expecting to see Tracy’s name on the wall. Typically, I would say that name was a real blast from the past however in the last month mom sent some of my (very) old school work  to me and I found an essay I wrote about her for an english class in 198? How coincidental is that? Look I even got a pretty good grade.

Nashville the Music City certainly has some great music but also a Olympic heritage worthy of a high school essay about the great Tracy Caulkins.

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