On Golden Pond…kinda

Actually we are on Lake Winnisquam in New Hampshire. It is right next to Lake Winnipesake where the classic movie On Golden Pond was filmed with Henry Fonda, Jane Fonda and Katherine Hepburn. The cabin is set on the beautiful lake. With the calm waters, passing Chris Craft motor boats and the loons in the background it was like being on the movie set. We even have fun family dynamics to boot!

We are here for a few days before Ryan heads back to Los Angeles for school.  Instead of Nantucket we decided to do something different and oh what fun we have had. We hiked Mt. Rattlesnake and were rewarded with an amazing view, we rented a boat for a day and had a ball wakeboarding and tubing and we had plenty of time practicing our loon calls (oooohhh, ooh, ohhhh). At night, we bbq’ed outside ate s’mores and looked at the abundance of stars.

What completely surprised me is that these big lakes are a swimmers paradise. The waters are so calm, clear and the water temp is “just right”. It’s absolutely perfect for swimming!!! I started my mornings by donning my speedo and inflating my new bright orange safety buoy and going for a dip. Only for the briefest of moments when you jump in is the water cool but after that it is perfect. To swim along the shore in the still waters in the serenity of the early morning and watch the sunrise was magical. I would chart my own course as I swam from point to point. It is hard to tell but I would guess I swam 1.5-2.0 miles everyday. Loved it!

Like the memorable scene in the movie, at night I would also go for a swim but without my speedo (much to my family’s dismay). I think my readers may like the picture below of my nightly swimming expeditions. Swimming at Lake Winnisquam will certainly be a summer highlight!!!

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