Marblehead Ocean Swim

This past weekend I had the opportunity to swim with the Nahant Knuckleheads. The Knuckleheads are esteemed group of cold water swimmers in the Boston area.

Elaine D and I carpooled up to Lynn where we met the rest of the group. There were many people that I recognized from passed swims and some new faces.  After a quick stop at Eastern Mountain Sports to rent kayaks we set off to Devereaux Beach in Marblehead.  There were 12 swimmers and two kayakers with E2 taking the lead in making sure we were all safe swimming.  

We left Devereaux Beach with Phillips Beach in Swampscott as the destination roughly two miles each way.  The water was 63ish degrees and it felt great-I can’t believe I am saying that! Cold patches along the way where the temp dropped 3-4 degrees. It’s a rocky coastline with beautiful houses on the shore. 

We swam until someone’s GPS read 2.0 miles. We were approximately 1000 yards off Phillips Beach. The group, generally got back together, rested and chatted a bit and we made our way back to Devereaux.

The trip back seemed to go a bit quicker with a bit of a tidal push. It was just over a 4 mile swim and two hours. 
Very fun day and swim and a great way and perspective to see a part of the Boston area that I hadn’t seen before.

And finally, the requisite E2 picture.

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