#53 Real Canoe, Naticion Club, Madrid, Spain

Tapas muy bueno, sangria muy bueno y la natacion muy bueno but…not one after another!

Spain is the destination for spring break this year. It’s a family of four for the first time as Ryan already had his break. Our itinerary has us in Madrid for a few days before we head to Barcelona.  
While we conquered the Plaza Mayor and a few sites yesterday today was the first full day. After a fairly leisurely morning we went for some culture at the modern art museum the Reina Sofia. There was some pretty funky art.  The piece below was in one of the last galleries we were in and I think apropos for this blog-Women in Swimming Costumes.

After the museum we went on a long walk through Parque Del Reitro, a large park in the middle of Madrid. It was a beautiful Saturday with a lot of people out and about. Below is a family pic in front of the Estanque where they use to hold mock naval battles. After our walk we went for tapas in the mid afternoon. Wow, they were good and different and they just kept coming and coming…
With weary legs and a very full stomach we came home for siesta. Not sure what got into me but I realized I had a couple of hours before we took off again so I set out for Real Canoe Natacion Club. My friend Maggie had her college winter training camp there so I thought I would give it a try. It’s a health club with a focus on swimming . There are three pools at the club, two indoor 25m pools and a 50m outdoor pool.  The 50m pool was closed for the afternoon so I swam in the newer and brighter of the two indoor pools. With the late lunch I had I was thankful there was no pace clock on deck because I was feeling sluggish in the water after a big lunch and a lot of walking.
Nice clean pool and complex but a tad expensive €22 ($30) for 2200m or as I like to think about it 34 cents a lap!
Glad I sucked it up and did it…mañana I will siesta for sure!!!
Looking forward to Barcelona.

 The pic below is just for fun from the Palza Mayor

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