#52 North Shore Aquatic Complex, St. Petersburg, FL

Wow-what a great pool and setting and way to start the day!

It’s been a while since I have been to a new pool and have blogged. This was certainly worth the wait. After a long flight delayed trip to St. Petersburg , FL I checked into my hotel at 11:00pm and slept so so until my 5;00am wake up for St. Pete Masters from 5:30am-7:00am. I did not want to get up.  Eventually I walked slowly, the short distance from the Vinoy Renaissance in the dark to the North Shore Aquatic Complex.  When I walked into front gate this is what I was treated too (actually this pic was post practice). 

There we’re probably 35+ master swimmers in the water. I swam in the Shark group of about 15 people and clearly I was a bit over my head.  We (they) were doing 50’s on the 33. I swam with a young fast guy that probably humored me.  I got in a bit late and did 4100 yards of the 5100 yard workout.  The coach of the masters workout was a friend of J. Dwyers from high school. 
After the workout I walked across the parking lot and was rewarded with the following view.  I can’t wait to explore new outdoor pools.

What an awesome way to start the morning!!!! Wish I could do this everyday.

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