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Recently, my long time friend Dave said that Bend was about have “Winter 2”. Wait, what? It was officially spring! Winter 2 is when you are lulled into a sense of spring and warm weather and you get a cold snap. I’m talking like mid-20’s to low-30’s. It may be big blue skies…yet cold!

We endured for a bit and then it was time to be proactive, change our scenery and warm up the old bones. We ended up doing what many Pacific Northwest’ers do and we headed to Palm Springs! Before heading to the desert we took a small detour to see Ryan in Venice. Dinner and drinks on chi chi Abbot Kinney is always fun.

Venice Beach chic
Roof top Hotel Erwin

Wow…the weather was great in the low to mid 80’s! We stayed at a hotel and enjoyed the pool scene for a couple days. Desert X is a valley wide outdoor art installation that happens every three year and we got to see some cool art.

Desert X Exhibition
Palm Springs Art Museum- History of Suspended Time

We also made it to Sunnylands the former estate of Walter Annenberg that has hosted presidents and world leaders for summits decades. The desert botanical gardens were in full bloom and spectacular.

Sunnylands, Rancho Mirage

Yes-I was able to get some swimming in at the Palm Springs Aquatic Center (a repeat pool #…#100 & #101~Milestones). Covid rules applied such as; reservations, 45 minute time slots, mandatory shower, and social distancing. The backdrop of the San Jacinto mountains set behind the pool made it a perfect way to start the mornings.

Palm Springs Aquatic Center

We also got to spend time with our good friends Z and K from Boston at Casita Nopal, their nest for the week. Along with good food, drink and conversation we hiked the Tahquitz Canyon trail. The trail ended up at a refreshing waterfall with fellow hikers not necessarily focused on social distancing.

Tahquitz Canyon Trail
Tahquitz Falls

Casita Nopal’s pool was perfect for cooling off and playing with flamingos and alligators (not lap swimming)!

Casita Nopal
Z & K

It was a great long weekend and looking forward to spending part of Winter 2 2022 back in Palm Springs…swimming at the aquatic center and staying longer!!!!

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