Pool Parties

There is nothing like a good pool party…especially in your speedo or after a healthy swim practice.

This year I celebrated a couple times poolside.

The first, was a post English Channel celebration on the deck with the MIT gang. My friend, Carmen said that he would host a cupcake and francia corta (Italian sparkling wine) pool party if my channel swim was a success. That was a challenge that couldn’t go unanswered!

We had an abbreviated Coach Bill workout and got out early to celebrate. We tried to be discrete however I am sure the lifeguards turned a blind eye to our shenanigans.

A great time was had by all and we all wondered why we couldn’t have sparkling wine at 7:15am more often!The next party was yesterday post Saturday practice for the annual Holiday Party. The mimosas and treats were a just reward for another tough Coach Jen session.

The celebration was in recognition of Jen’s dedication to the team her creative sets and a nod to the holidays. This party found ourselves in our street clothes a welcome change and a bit odd at the same time to be sans speedos with my lane mates.

In 2018, I am looking forward to more pool parties with my swimming friends with or without speedos on! 😜

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