#98 Looking for G.O.A.T @ Mona Plummer

It was a very quick trip to Phoenix but with enough time to visit Arizona State University and the Mona Plummer Aquatic Center.

Two months ago, I swam with the Swim Devils Masters at the ASU Fitness Center one of the two really nice aquatic complex’s on campus. This trip, I left Boston at 6:30am for a business trip and landed in Phoenix at 9:00am. Nothing was scheduled until 1:30pm so I hit the Swim Devils noon practice with Coach Jonny.

Truth be told there were other noon practices that I could have gone too but Mona Plummer has some big name swimmers that train there.  A couple years ago legendary swim Coach Bob Bowman became the coach of the ASU collegiate team and with him came…Michael Phelps!  I got there early hoping for a Phelps or at least a Coach Bowman sighting-to no avail.  My hopes lingered that perhaps after practice I might catch a glimpse-again to no avail.  Changing in the locker room post practice I got a text from my friend Kelli who said she was standing next to Michael. Surely, she must be joking, how can that be?  She was at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor airport waiting for a colleague when she looked beside her and Michael Phelps was standing right there. By the time, I could respond to her text with a “go get a picture with him” comment he had walked away.  Darn!

Looks like I should have hung around the airport a bit longer and I would have had my G.O.A.T sighting.  Nonetheless Mona Plummer is a really nice 50 meter outdoor pool and I got a quick workout in.

Maybe next time…

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