Desperately seeking mojo…

Since the big swim I’ve been trying to give myself a bit of a mental and physical break from swimming.  I’ve run a few times, lifted some weights and yes, slept in more than a few times.

I have been in the pool 13 times post swim looking for my swimming mojo and mostly companionship with my friends. The mojo is still looking to be found. It’s hard to find though when I am swimming so poorly-it’s a bit pathetic and depressing! I show up and want to swim more to be with my friends but I’m swimming slow. Not a good cycle.

Solace has been found in looking at pics and reflecting on the great times, experiences and people we met in Dover. I have also spent some time searching the web for fun facts about the English Channel and how my timed fared versus the other swimmers this summer and what I’ve found has lifted my mojo-a bit.

The English Channel is considered the Mt. Everest of marathon swimming and yet since 1875 fewer people have soloed across the Channel than have climbed Mt. Everest. A little googling on the website yielded some stats about the 2017 season that make me smile when I’m not swimming best as I try to find my mojo.

  • Since 1875 1,834 swimmers have made a total of 2,370 solo crossings
  • 63% of swimmers have been male
  • The average age of a solo swimmer is 35
  • Average solo crossing time is 13 hours 32 minutes

Here is where I ranked in the summer of 2017

  • I was 1,812th person to swim the Channel
  • I am male
  • I am 54 years of age (19 years older than the average!)
  • My time was 10 hours 51 minutes (2 hours 41 minutes faster than average)
  • 13th fastest time this season including relays
  • 8th fastest time when you back out relays
  • Fastest American to swim the Channel!

You will note that I apparently have a fragile ego as I had to clarify the stats above to help regain my mojo. Clearly, I am very happy with the results.

My mojo will come back. I know it will. It will just take time. Time away from the pool, time doing other activities and time to set a new swimming goal.

Off to run the steps at Harvard Stadium tomorrow morning. That will surely push me to find my swimming mojo!



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