#94~Pac12 Pool Challenge

Not all the universities in the Pac12 have swim teams (my alamater being one) and likely not all of them have beautiful aquatic complexes.
After my swim today at pool #94 I thought why not hit all the pools at the Pac12 schools? If they don’t have a swim team they certainly must have a pool-right?
Pool #94 was Arizona States Sun Devil Fitness Center in Tempe. It’s a rather new looking facility with a 50 meter by 25 yard pool. I swam with the Swim Devils Masters team. Coach Jonny, a Brit with a fun accent had a funky and and fun workout that was a perfect recovery after two long slogs in San Francisco over the weekend.
It was a short practice and the main set was a kick set:
Six times through:
30 seconds kicking from the wall
50 kick
30 seconds vertical kicking
50 kick
30 seconds kicking on pool deck
100 kick
So I have swum at three of four Pac12 schools pools; USC, UCLA and now ASU. I am thinking I can get one more in by the end of October. This may challenge may take some time as I don’t have any reason to go to Coug Country and Pullman, Washington!

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