Memorial Day Challenge

If the kick off to summer is the Memorial Day we kicked it off in a big way.

To celebrate my friend Jen and I planned a big workout that ranged from pool swims to open water and back all before 10:15am.

We started at Wayland masters with 6:00am practice. It was my first swim in the pool with the bubble off. It was overcast and dreary but that was ok because we were outside. It was a spunky 4700 yard workout. After a big six hour swim two days before I felt pretty good.

It was a quick change actually a towel wrapped around my waist and trip to Lake Cochiuate ten minutes down the road. The open water swim session was up next. We changed at Pam’s beach and set off for a swim. The water was a bit cool likely in the low 60’s. It may have been a bit accentuated with the clouds. We swam first to the public beach on the other side of the lake. Jen was a bit chilled so we headed back to Pam’s. Round trip it was 1.6 miles.

Warmed up in the car for a bit and then went back to Wayland for the 9:00am practice.

The weather continued to be cool, cloudy and the wind picked up. Frankly, it was easier to jump back in the pool than stand on the deck in the cold.

With a full warm up and a 100 warm down It was a 5,000 yard practice. The same sets as the prior workout. While I completed the full workout I didn’t fare quite as well on a couple of the more challenging sets. That’s ok! 

All in all, it was a 12,500 yard morning. Not too shabby and a great pool and open water kick off to the summer.  Sure glad Jen is training for a long swim and was a willing participant in this triple threat Memorial Day swim.

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