Picture Perfect

What is it about the Doty One Mile Swim where year after year I always get a great pic taken with my swimming friends? This year was no exception.

(Doty Swim 2016-event orgsnizers Elaine & Greg)

The Doty swim is a low key memorial open water swim in South Boston that honors Jim Doty an open water legend in New England. It is organized by Greg O’Connor and Elaine Howley. The swim starts at the L Street Bath House parallels Carson Beach to the radio tower and back.

It felt good to get an open water swim in post Gibraltar. The water certainly wasn’t as crystal clear but it felt equally cool. 
I swam a couple of minutes faster than last year which is good or else the course was shorter. Hopefully the former!
Post swim the group moved just up the road to the L Street Tavern (of Good Will Hunting fame). The tavern is a typical local Southie neighborhood hangout.  
Mighty Squirrel a new microbrewery in Boston and a sponsor of Elaine’s upcoming marathon Lake Tahoe had a beer tasting at the tavern for Doty swimmers. They have an IPA, IPL and a light lager all very good. My favorite was the IPA. Their secret sauce is that all their beers have 4 grams of protein. 
I think my favorite thing about Mighty Squirrel is their slogan~Celebrate Mighty Moments! Isn’t that something we should do everyday?

(Healthy dinner with my new Mighty Squirrel glass)

It was a picture perfect day in South Boston swimming and sampling beer with friends and celebrating mighty moments!

Pictures from past Doty’s
 (Doty swim 2015)
(Doty Swim 2014)

(Doty Swim 2013)

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