Workout Tracker-Gibraltar

Everyday post swim, I religiously enter my workout in my USMS fitness log (see blogpost dated 1/31/16). For the last eight weeks I have also been recording my workouts in my Gibraltar Workout Tracker. 

My friend, Grant and Strait of Gibraltar swimming partner created the tracker to keep us and our former team mate accountable to our training. At eight weeks out from the swim he shaded the spreadsheet to signify our “key training” period. 
To mark this occasion I decided to kick the training up a notch this week. The objective was to swim for six days straight and at least my age times a thousand yards a day (that would be 5,300 yards). 
I did it and a bit more! Monday, Tuesday, Thursday thru Saturday I did 5,300 a day and for good measure on Wednesday I swam 10,000 yards. I got in early everyday, did the team workout and stayed in a bit later for some extra credit with my friend Dustin. Wednesday was a bit of a slog as I swam quite awhile by myself. The weeks total was 36,500 yards or nearly 21 miles in close to 10 hours.
With the swim now less than eight weeks away I am sure there will be more big weeks ahead. 
A little motivation this week came from my mom with an aerial shot of the The Strait. A friend of hers was flying to Tenerife an took the pic. 
It’s beginning to feel a little more “real” with the clock ticking and seeing this pic.
Below is how my USMS Flog recorded the week and has tracked my progress for the year. I’m at 308,000 yards or 175 miles to date and 35 miles ahead of schedule. I guess as Nemo says, “just keep swimming!”

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