Swim Across America Boston Harbor 2015

Yesterday was Swim Across Americas Boston Harbor swim. This is always a fun event bringing out the best of Boston’s swimming community and swimmers from across the country.  The morning weather started out a bit gloomy weather-wise. A highlight of the morning gloom was a big white tall ship being led in the harbor by a fire boat spraying water.  By late morning it turned to be a beautiful sunny day.
This year I was designated an angel swimmer. Angel swimmers watch out for the rookie and slower swimmers during the heats. They also are allowed to swim without wetsuits! I got a solid 1.25 hours of straight swimming that took me out to the Boston Light. It was beautiful and fairly calm 8+ miles out.  I was then able to get several 15-20 minute heats in after that. The water was mild mid-60’s.

The Boston Light

The swim was also a great chance to laugh and catch up with my English Channel relay friends from last fall; Rip, Tim, Alexa and Grant.  We had fun catching up about last years swim, dreaming about future swims and Grants upcoming monster swim.  In a couple weeks, Grant will be attempting the first ever swim from Cape Cod to Great Point, Nantucket. It’s about 25 miles in sharky waters that should take 12-14 hours. Yikes! We will be cheering him on.
Tim showing his good side

Grant, Rip and I waiting to swim 

Grant is so happy about his upcoming swim he’s doing backflips.

The swim is always fun but importantly Swim Across America has been fundraising for cancer research for 28 years.  In Boston the proceeds for this event go to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.  This year the event raised $300,000. 
This years event will be especially memorable as mom was diagnosed with breast cancer several days before. Certainly a surprise to all and something we will go through as a family as she begins treatment. I am thankful more so today than ever for strong families and organizations like Swim Across America. 
#swimformom #makingwavestofightcancer

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