#48 Thanksgiving Weekend Swim

We had a great Thanksgiving weekend Holiday. There was a lot of food and catching up with kids. Ryan, came home from USC and Jessica took the train up from NYU. We enjoyed listening to stories about early college life. We also got to visit with Tommy, Alden, and Katie. Everyone was having completely different experiences and they all seemed to be loving it.

I was clearly lacking from an exercising perspective. The weather was too cold to go outside or I was just plain lazy and didn’t workout.
Today however was the exception as I knew I needed to kick it in to gear as we start the week. #48 was at the Boston Sports Club in Waltham where I got to swim with Shannon. It was the third time we have had the chance to swim together on this journey. We even split a lane! She is getting better every time we swim with each other.
It’s one of the nicer health club pools. The water was a bit warm and it’s a 25 meter pool. I swam 2000 meters.

This time of year I am reminded of the many things I have to be thankful for; my family, my friends, my health and a loving patient wife and kids.  I am also thankful that the next (and last )two pools will be outdoor pools in…stayed tuned. They will be good ones!

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