#31: Afternoon Delight…Magazine Beach Bath House, Cambridge, MA

Wow-pool #31 was an unexpected surprise. In fact, it was a delight! Today at lunch I went to the Magazine Beach Bath House on Memorial Drive in Cambridge. For years driving on the Mass Pike near the Allston/Brighton tolls I have seen this pool just across the Charles River and wondered what it was all about. Today was the day to make it happen.

With a little bit of research I found out that this is a pool run by the Department of Conservation & Recreation and is free to the public. It was a beautiful day outside and the pool was basically empty. There were five people in the water with six lifeguards for this 50 meter inner city outdoor pool. I swam an easy 900 in my board shorts and sat on the deck for 15 minutes to soak up the sun and atmosphere. Honestly, it was hard to leave. As I was leaving a bus load of kids were just walking it. Perfect timing.
Driving back to the office, I couldn’t help but sing Starland Vocal Band’s 1970’s hit song Afternoon Delight. #31 was truly an “Afternoon Delight”!
“Sky rockets in flight…afternoon delight!”

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