Nubble Light Challenge 2013

This years NLC was a MIT Masters Swim Fest. To my surprise Ryan decided to get up at 6:00am to ride with me to York, ME to check out the Light. It was also an opportunity to get out and do some long boarding.

The 2.4 mile swim ended up being 2.8 miles via the GPS reading on Joe/Elaine’s watch. That came as a relief as my 1:03.52 swim was three minutes off of last year. My wetsuit also had its inaugural swim of the season. I forgot how constricting it can be and combined with the cold water had a hard time getting enough air at the start. It was nice to have the insulation for most of the swim as there were definitely some cold patches. Seeing Ryan waving his longboard at the gut was a highlight. 
We had a great group of people either watching or swimming in this event that seems to becoming a tradition with MIT crowd.  
Fun day, good swim and nice to spend some time with Ryan before he leaves for Los Angeles.

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