The Country Club Scene-#26 & #27

This weeks two new pools took me to the rarefied surroundings of the country club scene in suburban Boston. As I don’t frequent this circuit often I was careful about my swim suit choices so as not to shock the members or embarrass family and friends.

The first pool was at Woodland Country Club in Wellesley. It is a beautiful colonial looking manse set back from route 16 with lush fairways and greens. Ryan has been a lifeguard and coach there for the last two years so he facilitated for me a short post work dip. It is a very nice 25 yard pool below the clubhouse in the back with carefully manicured landscaping. I enjoyed seeing Ryan at pool #26 for a whopping 500 yards. I had swam 4000 in the morning.

Pool #27 was right here in good old Weston at the Weston Golf Club. The club is in a very lovely open setting with the spacious homes of the well-heeled along the fairways and greens. My friends Pat and Anne were kind enough to let me swim with them in one of their morning workouts. That is after, I invited myself ! We met at 8:30am (very civilized hours at country clubs) and much to my surprise and delight Coach Bianca ran the workout. I really enjoyed visiting with Anne and Pat during between sets. I even got some tips from Coach along the way.  I swam about 2300 of the 2500 yard work out.  I would have enjoyed going to Off Center for lunch afterwards but the salt mines called.

PS-the shower heads in the men’s locker room are very nice!
Hoping to find a few more private clubs along the way. Good living!

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