Open Water…Dirty Water

Well this week I finally hit the open water!  On June 1st it was the 5th Annual Charles River Swim. I have signed up for it for several times but have always been thwarted by “the dirty water” and the organizers canceling the swim.  This year the water was clean enough to hold the event. It was a mile swim that started by the Fiedler footbridge and went between the Mass Ave Bridge and the Longfellow Bridge. I did ok. My sighting was off and I went way wide of the third buoy.  I got third in my age group-eh.  Below is a pic of my and my pals I swam with E2, KT and Dr. Bob.  Oh and I wore my special Birthday suit from the Wishers. Scandalous.

Today, I also took the first swim in Walden Pond. No wetsuit and the water felt great. I did an out and back twice. Shannon beat me to the Pond this year….

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